Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Aquabunny is here!

Peter Allen is know for diving in Barbados, but not nearly as famous as he is for his 2 dives in Texas!

Final Scoresheet added!

Monday, October 25, 2010

FAR better pics from Eric Rosenbaum...

130 Pics added!

Check out the Picasa Photostream on theright for quite a few pics, I will tag them all this week..

Final results Top 15

As soon as I figure out how to post the whole spreadsheet it will be up

Thanks for your patience!

 Lots of Video and pictures coming later today

Hot off the printer; Top 15

1. Brad Gibson 17 pts.  Brit Pop BG

2. Richard Silverman 43 Lintel Vector

3. Eric Arndt 43.3 Lintel Vector

4. Tony Gonsalves 59 Lintel Vector

5. Aqua Bunny (ex. Rabbit) 86 Vector

6.Craig Mackey 119 Topiko Black Magic

7. Pete Van Rossem 123 Topiko Sails, etc.

8. Jeff Weiss 129 Widget unknown

9. Stephen Cohen 146 Pikanto unkown

10. Dennis Rogers 156 Errica unkown

11. Mike French 164 Pikanto Vector

12. Stan Wallace 171 Cockatoo Vector

13. John Castelli 176 unknown/unknown

14. Jerry Brower 199 Glam Rock BG

15. Roy Langbord 208 Lintel BG